Healer’s Journey Offerings & Upcoming Workshops

The Healer’s Journey is for Medical, Mental and Integrative Health Professionals looking for a place to process the intensity of our times. Healing conversations weaved together with integrative practices. Utilizing Talking Circles & Body centered practices, Deep Listening, Expression through art (no art degree required!), Chant, ritual work and prayer in a community where others know what it has been like working with patients and clients on the front lines of great challenges for humanity. This seminar series begins with Four weekly, 90-minute sessions and evolves to monthly two-hour sessions over six months (five additional sessions). (Limited to ten participants per session). Total Cost is $1150 Individiual or small group/colleagues can be arranged. Sign up & Inquire about dates here.

Healing the Healer can be a stand-alone series or an extension of the Healer’s Journey process that is more intimate (1-3 persons) to process personal or vicarious trauma experienced in the line of providing care or perhaps you feel impacts the care you give. These sessions integrate many of the interventions used in the Healer’s Journey seminars, meeting weekly over four weeks, preparing for one to two Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy sessions with an Integration Session that follows each medication session. Healers can participate in both Seminars. An Intake session is needed to ensure there are no contraindications to this medication’s use. Full series cost: $1500 for one medication session, $2000 for two medication sessions. Please review the Ketamine-Assisted Therapy page. Sign up & Inquire about dates here for additional details.

Healing & Wholeness after Pregnancy and Birth Trauma & Loss The loss, confusion, hopelessness and struggle with the reorganization of one’s life is extremely challenging after pregnancy loss. As a mother who has experienced miscarriage and lost a baby to stillbirth, I understand intimately the challenges in returning to life again. This is an experiential group that combines integrative practices utilizing Talking Circles & Body centered practices, Deep Listening, Expression through art (no art degree required!), Chant, and ritual work in a community of fellow travelers. We will create activities for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day which is an annual day of remembrance observed on October 15. This is an 8-week session, starting with a two-hour initial session followed by seven weeks of 60-minute sessions. Cost: $300, sliding scale available. Sign up & Inquire about dates here for more details.

Your Personal Mandala A six week introduction to Transpersonal Astrology and understanding your birth chart… what are those symbols anyway and what can they teach you about your strengths and how to navigate challenges. This is an introduction series and subsequent modules may be held as interest dictates. (Moon cycles, Saturn Return, Pluto work). 90-minute sessions. Cost: $300 for the series and includes materials. Sign up & Inquire about dateshere!

Transpersonal Astrology Circle The initial Mandala series evolves to a 90 minute twice-monthly exploration of our birth charts over eight months. By utilizing Archetypal imagery and the Wheel of the Year to connect with our personal motivations, understand our challenges and our gifts to overcome them by aligning with the influences of planetary cycles & energy. Material provided throughout this series include charts and workbooks. Cost: sliding scale $1500-1800 for the entire series. Cost: $1200-1600 sliding scale. Sign up & Inquire about dates here.

Planetary Transitions is a facilitated dialogue for our times. So many are expressing a sense that they are witnessing a cosmological shift. Some say they are sensing the Earth’s need for human beings to listen, witness and hold space for the changes that She and we are experiencing. There is sometimes fear, deep sadness and still a knowing we can do our part to influence positively the best possible outcomes for Our Home. If you feel called to sit in ceremony, share story and create ritual to raise our collective consciousness and show up for the betterment of all. This is a monthly offering but may shift as the calling dictates and is Free to all attendees. Inquire here for dates.

Contact information:

132 Main St, Montpelier, VT 05680;

On-street Parking ONLY, NO elevator

Phone: 802.552.0636 Fax: Fax 802.810.0966

Looking forward to connecting with you.

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